The Epic of Gilgamesh

GILGAMESH is the oldest work in literature. Looking for its beginning we move back five thousands years to times from which olders are almost only remains of material culture found in primitive settlements and cages, before which humankind is mute for us and stay plunged into great silence. Gilgamesh is the oldest example of recording of human thoughts. In time, it came into being the possibility of its spreading was limited. Only the Gutenberg's invention, the printing press, revolutionized ways of spreading culture. Now when the third Tofler's wave sweeps across the world publishing gets new advantages not only in amount but most of all in quality. This next milestone is the Internet with its possibility of publishing by all and for all. This new media does not have to be a reservoir of shallow content, it can successfully be a mean for preservation and spreading civilization heritage which is often forgotten because of lack of commercial advantages.

The Epic of Gilgamesh, the digital library book, is an example of multimedia publication created with the usage of software tool dLibra, which can be useful in creating similar multimedia publications for editors and which can handle many different forms of media content. For this example we became the small editors team which created specific media for the purpose of the digital representation of the book.

  • Graphics: Animated and Still - visual representation of the Epic of Gilgamesh,
  • Audio: Animation support and synchronization - musical imagery/aesthetics,
  • Voice: Reading of the book - lector recordings or background music played while self-reading.

Gilgamesh exemplifies the potential for the market of content providing with regards to 3D animated graphics, digital sound and music, VRML, interactive media etc.